Thursday, October 28, 2010


After splurging on an oh so delightful Angie's sub in our most recent visit to Jacksonville, D and I had a conversation that went roughly like this:

A: Should we stop?
D: mmmmm
A: It's on the way to the free way...
D: I can just get a small one.
A: haha, yea you can, lets go!

Once again, D was all up in my head. He knew I was talking about his favorite FroYo place before I even uttered the word Mochi.

D's history with Mochi started long before the frozen yogurt chain arrived to Jacksonville's St. John's Town Centre. One day my college roommate brought home some of the most peculiar candy I've ever tasted...mochi. There is no way to describe the weird texture of the pounded sticky rice turned cake filled with, in this particular case, chocolaty creaminess. I was not a fan. I was just wigged out...but Dan, on the other hand, loved them. So much so that he ended up taking the box home with him! I swear he is the most asian white boy I know!

So the first time we visited a Mochi dan was delighted to see that they actually sold bits of mochi as a topping for their FroYo.

Still stuffed from my sub, I opted out of having my own FroYo. Although, I did get a little tasting cup of strawberry, which I must say was delightful. And that's saying a lot coming from someone who does'nt typically enjoy yogurt of any sorts.

D opted for the lychee (tropical fruit native to China) flavored yogurt. I don't particularly like the flavor, it's not nearly fruity or sweet enough for me, but it's D's #1 choice.
He loves it. D kept is simple and topped his FroYo off with some colorful bits of mochi.

But the real excitement came when we were checking out. Not only did they have whole pieces of Mochi, similar to the candy, but they had the frozen ice cream filled kind. I immediately snatched the mango flavor up for D, before he had a chance to protest. I just knew he would love it. And boy was I ever right, but unfortunately he made me take a bite. Even frozen and loaded with yummy fruity flavor, it still didn't win me over. Eck. But D loved it and that's all the mattered, because Mochi is most defiantly a "D place."


Hours: ?? - 11:30 p.m.

Address: 4860 Big Island Dr., Jacksonville, FL 32246

Phone: (904) 807-9292

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  1. Hey! Cool he loves moshi's! Here in Japan they are everywhere in all shapes, sizes and flavors. They're not as healthy that i wish they were though hehe ^^

    Thank you! (= and hope you'll find some daifuku's xD

  2. thank you for commenting on my not edible crochet mochi:) I guess you enjoyed looking at it, without feeling the texture? ^^

    Mochi bits on yogurt sounds interesting! I'm not sure if I'd like it, but I'll check that out. Thanks.

  3. Penny: I told him about the daifukus and he instantly started drooling! We've got to find some!

    Jun: yea, the texture just kind of freaks me out lol

  4. Awesome! That looks amazing...I can't wait to try my mochi on icecream!

  5. It will blow your mind, I'm excited for you...especially if you like Mochi! Dan loves it!

  6. Mochi in my froyo sounds interesting and exciting. I have try this one myself and share what it tastes like as well. Thank you for the post, you gave me a new idea on how to enjoy mochi.