Saturday, August 21, 2010

The best little sandwich shop in town..

We found it! That's right, D and I stumbled upon the best little sandwich shop in town. I've passed this while driving to and from work for a couple of months now and always wondered, "could it be any good?" Well, The Sandwich Shoppe is more than good, it's amazing!

This little breakfast and lunch spot is located in an unexpected plaza on US1 in Holly Hill (1501 Ridgewood Ave. to be exact). Their signs are about as glamorous as the shop name and aren't exactly the most noticeable from the road. So I was awfully shocked by all the bright colors and 50's ambiance that awaited my through their doors! Red, yellow and even green walls surround a handful of counter height tables and stools that looks straight from a 50's, maybe 60's, diner!

After being greeted, D and I quickly found the handwritten menu on the wall and went to perusing. Serving both breakfast and lunch, everything on their menu sounded scrumptious, but after D pointed it out I just knew I had to try the shop favorite, the Chicken Bleu Sandwich ($5.29). D decided to go with the Chicken Cobb wrap ($4.99). It has avocados, need I say more?

Both our entrees were served with our choice of side, including homemade potatoes salad, macaroni salad, cole slaw or tri-pasta salad. Well, you know how much I love salad (not), but thankfully the lady suggested soup as a side instead. They had homemade potato soup available, one of my favorites!

As you can see, the Chicken Bleu Sandwich is a beast! It comes in two separate layers, meaning not two, but three slices of bread. Grilled chicken, Swiss cheese, ham and honey mustard create the top layer while American cheese, mayo, smoked turkey, lettuce and
tomato finish out the bottom layer. Oh and did I mention that the bread is grilled to perfectly melt in your mouth. Oh yea..

This sandwich was phenomenal. Perfect on so many levels. After the first bite, there was an indescribable explosion of goodness in my mouth. The only problem I did have ... it was huge. Perfect for splitting with a pal! All the different meat flavors worked perfectly together and the sweetness from the honey mustard was amazing and really enhanced the taste of the bread. I would order this sandwich every time if I could actually finish it.

D was sold on the Chicken Cobb Wrap after noting an ingredient of avocado, but besides that the wrap includes chicken, bleu cheese,
bacon, romaine, tomato and creamy parmesan dressing. D absolutely loved it. I took a few bites myself and would have liked to have had more avocado, but was still impressed.

The soup was surprisingly tasty. I will admit, I expected it to taste like any other potato soup, but nope, totally different. And in this case, different = awesome. The soup was very thick, kind of like a liquidity mash potatoes. The texture was great, the soup was tasty and I had a blast spooning it. The side portion was just perfect too. Not too much, but just enough to have a taste!

We had a great experience at The Sandwich Shoppe. The food is delicious, the service is outstanding and everyone is really friendly. We've already gone twice since discovering it less than a week ago and I'm already thinking about what I want to order next time for lunch or breakfast!

Did I mention, they deliver! It keeps getting better and better...


Hours: M-F (7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.)
Sat. (7:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.)

Address: 1501 Ridgewood Ave., Holly Hill, FL

Phone: 386 248 0303


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