Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Not what you'd expect from Leonardo..

Hoping to score some delicious white cheese pizza, me and D headed off to our favorite pizza place for a bite to eat. But to our dismay, they we're closed. I thought it was weird, for a Tuesday afternoon, until I noticed the missing fountain machine. They weren't just closed, they were done, finite, adios! So let's say a little prayer and on with the next one...

This brought us to another popular pizzeria in town, DeVinci's Italian Restaurant and Pizza. This local joint is located right across from Ormond Lanes on US1. In search of a white cheese pizza, we didn't have to look at the menu long before placing our to-go order. We ended up with a medium White Pizza (approximately $9.50) and a half dozen Garlic Knots ($2.00). The knots were hard to resist after seeing the fresh ones displayed on the counter!

Although we decided to dine out, the decor looked very warm and inviting. The interior was kind of dim with soft lighting and seemed almost romantic, but a little fancier than what you would expect at most pizza places.

The pizza was Ok. Nothing special at all, in fact, it ranked kind of low as far as white cheese pizzas go. Now, just because a white cheese pizza doesn't have any red sauce, doesn't mean that it has to be bland, but this one kind of was. There was hardly any ricotta or feta. It tasted like a cheese pizza without the sauce, just mostly mozzarella. More ricotta and garlic would have made a world of difference! Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed the pizza and ate two slices, but it's not something I would return for.

The garlic knots, on the other hand, are definitely return worthy! These little bundles of joy are a perfect two-bite size and seasoned with all the right spices, including lots of garlic! Buttery perfection melts in your mouth as soft pizza dough makes your tummy go yummy. And who can complain about the price, $2 really isn't that bad, is it?

We'll be back for the knots and maybe a different pizza. Although I suspect we could find just as great, if not better knots at any other pizzeria. Overall, I wasn't really impressed with DeVinci's this time around.


Open: Tuesday - Sunday (11:30 a.m. - 9 p.m.)

Address: 197 US1, Ormond Beach, FL

Phone: 386 673 2504

Other: $15.OO minimum on deliveries

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  1. devinis is under new ownership since this blog.. please try again... you will not to disapointed

  2. Really? That's interesting. I might just have to give it another go!

  3. Try "My Goombas" behind Dunkin Donuts on Nova Road. Much better food & portions!!! I live next to both & this place has impressed us more!